Kente Slippers

Kente Slippers

29.99 34.99

This Slippers are handmade from hand woven kente fabric.This fabric is hand woven with complicated designed which are incorporated during the weaving process.This fabric is a symbol of royalty which can be associated with the Asante and Anglo (Ewe) tribe of Ghana.The fabric is used or special events and ceremony to show off the beauty of our culture.

the slippers come in different colors and designs and no two pairs are exactly the same. Every slippers is unique with its own designs.They are easy to clean, use a wash cloth with soap and dry clean. Dry in an airy place or in the sun.

size             Us size

36                6/6.5

37                   7

38                  7.5

39                   8

40                 8.5

41                   9

42                  9.5


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