Eliba collections LLC (Eliba) is an Afro-inspired Fashion forward clothing line that offers a wide variety of uniquely tailored clothing articles with high quality African print fabric sourced from Ghana, West Africa. Eliba is committed to projecting cultural elegance the African way. This fashion merchandise family is headquartered in Indiana with a production house located in Ghana, West Africa.

‘For the bold and the beautiful, Eliba is your one-stop African inspired fashion shop that portrays the unique cultural elegance in you’… because

ü  Our wide variety of products

ü  Are unique and handmade

ü  From carefully picked authentic African wax print

ü  Marrying traditional and contemporary design

ü  For the entire family.

Our Brand

Our brand communicates elegance, uniqueness, variety and contemporary African design. Everything we do is to support who we are and what our customers stand for

ü  Elegant,

ü  Confident, Ambitious.

ü  Fashionable

ü  Genuine

ü  Exotic


Eliba stands for Crossover trend leadership - marrying traditional African styles with a contemporary urban feel is made possible due to our excellent design team drawing inspiration from direct customer interactions all across the U.S.


Who we are

As Africans in the diaspora, we understand the increasing need to portray our rich African heritage of royal elegance in the face of unfortunate reportage of how far we have come as a people. Eliba Collections is inspired to design and manufacture high quality African Inspired Fashion, to better represent who we are, bold enough to shine through the darkness of our past. There is more color to African fashion, more vibrancy than the charade black and white animal skin patterns being portrayed as Afrocentric tribal wear.

Eliba promises a better, vibrant, authentic – truly African inspired with original African Wax print, bold and elegant alternative to the best tribal wear out there.

We love to travel to international trade fairs and festivals where we connect directly with our customers, gathering as much feedback and insightful stories about their use of our products as well. Onsite retailing serves as a unique channel for keeping our customers directly involved in our research and development to come up with the variety in useful designs you can actually wear with pride.

We at Eliba believe in telling the African story of bold and elegant royalty through our masterpiece collections of traditional and contemporary handmade clothing and accessories using carefully selected high quality African prints.


With a high sense of African culture we are family oriented, which translates into the wide variety of products for a complete family shopping experience. We support our workers in Ghana through several programs for improved education and accommodation. This is the secrete behind our highly motivated workforce.


Excellence is the underlying philosophy that brings our unique designs to the fore front to compete with named brands on quality.


Our products

All our trend setting clothing is designed here in America. With our in-house design and production team co-located in the U.S, we are able to meet your present fashion needs as well as ‘design forward’ to set trends. You can always be assured of unique designs from Eliba collections with you in mind. We do not merely retail already made clothing from China to unsuspecting customers.


‘Afro-maxi’ is one of our fastest growing collection for the bold and elegant you. Our latest inclusion to this collection is the trend setting Dashiki skirts (long and short) complementing our classic Ankara skirts.

The bold patterns and beautiful tropical colored prints makes for a utilitarian skirt that almost matches your entire wardrobe for the amazing new look you prefer each time. The dashiki skirts and Ankara skirts are perfect for all occasions. Wear with a tank top for your casual summer outing or throw on a denim jacket for that sophisticated afro urban look or simply dress up with a blazer for a chic look, the choice is yours.

There are several other product lines with enough variety for women, Kids as well as Men. Product Mix of the clothing line emphasizes our wide range of variety that helps us serve our customer with an ‘experience for the entire family’ and includes but not limited to the following:

Men – shirts, shorts, trousers, neck ties, vests, jackets

Men’s accessories – Chains/Necklace, wrist bands, belts, shoes

Women – wide variety of dresses, skirts, wraps, pants, ponchos

Women accessories – head wraps, hair bands, necklaces, sandals, bags, shoes, scarves.

Kids – dresses, shirts, pants, hair accessories, spanning new born to teen ages


All of our products are hand crafted from a wide variety of high quality fabric including, Dashiki print, African wax print fabric (Ankara), Kente, Linen, Lace, etc

Breathable cotton material is used for good aeration and comfort. Most products (mainly female and kids) are designed with stretching material to comfortably accommodate size creeps. Some dresses are carefully designed to be highly customization, thus can be creatively used in multiple unique ways.

Whether you like to show off your cultural heritage or just feel good in our comfortable and unique fashionable attires for different occasions, elibacollections.com is your preferred one-stop-shop with a wide variety of African inspired clothes and accessories for women, men and kids.