The Sunny Side of Afrofashion by Eliba Collections

The sun marches on elegantly each morning, breaking through the dark canopy of the night, and so does the perfect blend of bold colorful patterns of authentic African wax print in Afrofashion stand out, revolutionizing the otherwise monotonous fashion styles in recent times. "Fashion trends, just like seasons come and go" - this is probably the oldest truth known to man, so let's march on to the sunny side of fashion.

The darkest days may fast disappear from our rear view if each one of us, with boldness, would lend our world a little bit of color, such as comes from within. After all, in a moment of love, the palest ivory might just blush and the dark heartwood of an endangered ebony yet bloom with pale white petals.

Whatever your fashion or style is, we all have some color to spare and enough brightness to light up the days ahead as we continue our march to the sunny side.

So, what's your color, your true color, I mean the color of your heart?

On the sunny side, we may all be one people with the same color flowing through our veins and yet with idiosyncratic outward expressions of elegance and preferences for style and fashion.

On the inside, we could be one if we choose to be. Defying the fear of different and embracing the best melodies of the man-made ivory and ebony or better yet the beauty of nature in its splendid display of harmony and color.

So, On the outside, let's all put on our best, lend to your world a taste of who you are! In your fashion, portray rich cultural heritage, show unique style and creativity. With crossover fashion trends, tell the world your story and don't hold back from telling the stories of the colorful world you dream of. With a little more sharing of style and taste, on the sunny side, our world would be a better place where the beauty of societal harmony is merely a celebration of our colorful uniqueness.

Don't just blend in, stand out and tell your story. Tell your story your own way with those unique patterns and bold colors of an African wax print, for only you can tell it best.

Eliba collections LLC (Eliba) is an Afro-inspired Fashion forward clothing line that offers a wide variety of uniquely tailored clothing articles with high quality African print fabric sourced from Ghana, West Africa. Eliba is committed to projecting cultural elegance the African way.

As Africans in the diaspora, we understand the increasing need to portray our rich African heritage of royal elegance in the face of unfortunate reportage of how far we have come as a people. Eliba Collections is inspired to design and manufacture high quality Afrocentric Fashion, to better represent who we are, bold enough to shine through the darkness of our past. There is more color to African fashion, more vibrancy than the charade black and white animal skin patterns being portrayed as Afrocentric tribal wear.

Eliba promises a better, vibrant, authentic – truly African inspired fashion line for the entire family with original African Wax print, a bold and elegant alternative to the best tribal wear out there. Checkout our vibrant men's collection including Dashikis and tailored print shirts and pants. Grab an African print blazer, Ankara jumpsuit, Afro-maxi skirt, Dashiki dresses and many more elegantly tailored dresses for women.